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Does my organization need to sign up to participate?
  • There is no sign up process for non-profits to participate; subscribers will select non-profits they are most passionate about.
How will I know if my organization was selected?
  • The Boston Globe will contact the non-profit organizations selected via mail or email to let them know they have been awarded GRANT advertising space. Non-profits will be walked through the process to redeem the advertising space allocated for valuable advertising. The ads will not be scheduled through advertising account manager.
Can any non-profit participate?
  • The non-profits must all be Massachusetts-based 501(c)(3)s.
Will my organization be able to keep track of donations throughout this process?
  • You can check up on donations to your organization by visiting where there will be a leaderboard showing the non-profits and the amount donated thus far.
What is the maximum/minimum amount of advertising space that will be available from donations?
  • The Globe will receive all GRANT vouchers and distribute the space earned to the non-profits. One non-profit it can earn up to 10 pages in GRANT-allocated ad space, to use over the next year. Non-profits with less than $1,000 donated will appear in a non-profit directory. Non-profits need a minimum of 7 subscribers to donate to your non-profit to appear in the directory.
Aside from ad space, does the non-profit that earns the most receive anything else?
  • The 5 non-profits that have earned the largest amounts will be named GRANT award-winners and recognized with an advertorial in the paper.
When the program has been completed and my organization has received donations, how will we be contacted?
  • The non-profits chosen for donation will be mailed or hand-delivered packages with certificates, including the total amount of GRANT dollars they were donated.
What are the redemption restrictions?
  • Ads ΒΌ page or larger need to include a slug
  • Non-profits must report on impact of GRANT ads.
  • 1 year to redeem ad space
  • Cannot run two GRANT ads in the same week.
  • GRANT ads cannot run with a paid campaign.
  • You cannot run more than 2 GRANT ads in one month.
  • Smaller redemption amounts will have dedicated resource (contact) to place orders with.
  • Existing advertisers are not allowed to use in place of previously scheduled campaigns
  • Paid ads run first
  • No front page notes
  • No inserts
  • No magazine ads


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