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What is the Globe GRANT program?
  • GRANT stands for Globe Readers And Non-profits Together, and is an exclusive subscriber program built to allow our subscribers to support their favorite non-profit in a meaningful way. GRANT distributes vouchers to existing subscribers in the mail and via email. Subscribers fill out the voucher to select a non-profit and return it to The Boston Globe; or they can visit the 'redeem voucher' page online. The non-profits earn newspaper advertising space to promote their organization. The size of the ad is determined by the amount of vouchers redeemed to their organization.
Who is receiving GRANT vouchers?
  • All Boston Globe subscribers receive GRANT vouchers. Seven-day subscribers receive $100 vouchers. All other home delivery and BostonGlobe.com subscribers receive $50 vouchers.
I'm not a subscriber. Can I take part?
  • You must be a subscriber to participate.
  • If you are interested in becoming a Boston Globe subscriber, please call 1-888-694-5623 or email circulationservices@globe.com. You may also subscribe online by clicking here.
As a Globe subscriber, what can I expect?
  1. All Globe subscribers will receive GRANT vouchers through mail OR email
  2. Select a New-England-based 501(c)(3) you are passionate about. Click here to view last year's selected charities.
  3. Tell us which charity you selected by April 30, 2015 by visiting BostonGlobe.com/Grant. (You will need your Subscriber Number, Subscriber Email or Subscriber Phone Number to submit your selection online.)
    • For subscribers who received mailed vouchers:Write the name and address of your charity on your voucher and mail it to The Boston Globe using the envelope provided by April 30, 2015
  4. Stay up to date on all non-profits that were selected by visiting our 2015 Leaderboard
I’m a Globe subscriber but did not receive my GRANT voucher. What should I do?
  • If you are a Globe subscriber but did not receive your voucher, you can make your submission online by visiting BostonGlobe.com/Grant. You will need your Subscriber Number, Subscriber Email or Subscriber Phone Number.
  • You may email GRANT customer support at GRANT@globe.com
Do I have to select a non-profit listed on the leaderboard or drop-down?
  • No, the lists are provided to show the organizations subscribers have donated to in the past. Subscribers may choose the 501(c)(3) New England certified organization they are most passionate about.
  • For reference, you may view last year’s top organizations on our 2014 Leaderboard.
Are GRANT Dollars real?
  • No, GRANT dollars are not real currency, and are earned and accumulated for the non-profit you choose.


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