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Can I access TheBoston Globe archives online?
You can access the archives online by clicking here. If you are a home delivery or GlobeReader subscriber, you have access to free archives by becoming a Boston Globe Extras member. You can register at

Can I get copies of old newspapers?
You may buy copies of back issues for 90 days after the date of publication. Beyond 90 days, copies are unavailable for purchase. However, facsimiles of pages are available on microfilm at some libraries. Electronic versions of the newspaper from April 23, 2004 to present are available for purchase at For information on back copies, including prices, call the Back Issues section at 617-929-2233 or go to

How do I buy a page from The Boston Globe?
To receive a frame-worthy reproduction of any Boston Globe page, please go to The Boston Globe Gallery.  You will need to know the exact date and page number.

If you are seeking permission to re-publish Globe content (photos, articles, page reproductions, videos, multimedia and graphic elements) please click here: Reprints, Rights and Permissions. 

How do I order reprints of articles?
Contact PARS International for reprints of any Globe article and/or publicity materials that use Globe content, 212-221-9595 x324 or 

Can I get photographs that have appeared in the newspaper?
Yes, you may buy them, as long as they are Globe staff photos. The Globe also publishes photos taken by other organizations, e.g., Associated Press, and by non-staff individuals, but can’t sell them as the copyright belongs to others. Please go to The Boston Globe Gallery. If you are looking for permission to re-publish a Globe staff photograph, please contact Getty Images by e-mailing them at or going to their website at: and click on “contact us” link at the top of the page.

I understand the Globe has a library. Is it open to the public?
No, sorry. The Globe’s library, different from a public or school library, is open only to Globe employees. The library, however, will answer written requests for information about material that has appeared in the Globe. Please be as specific as possible in your request and address it to: Boston Globe Library, P.O. Box 55819, Boston, MA 02205-5819. Requests take a minimum of 10 days to fulfill.